First steps

What do I do first?

The first step is to call me and to set up an initial meeting. When you call me and we set up a time to meet, I will email a packet to you with an intake questionnaire, office policies and a fee structure.

Do you take insurance?

Most preferred provider organization (PPO) health insurance plans classify me as an out-of-network provider. I will provide a coded statement that can be submitted with a claim form to your insurance company for reimbursement. You may also be able to submit these statements to your flexible spending account (FSA) for reimbursement. You should check with your individual insurance provider as each provider and each plan has different guidelines for psychological services and reimbursement.

How much do you charge? And how long are sessions?

Session fees are consistent with other professionals in the area. A session is usually 50 minutes.

How long will therapy last?

Therapy can be an open-ended process and it does not necessarily have a pre-determined stopping point. There are, however, established protocols for some specific issues that set the number of sessions, and those tend to be between ten and sixteen sessions. But again, the ending of therapy is something that depends on symptom reduction and a joint determination that treatment goals have been met.

What can I expect from therapy?

There are no guarantees in therapy. Therapy is an interactive process where we work together to develop a style of interaction that is conducive to your growth and to meeting your goals. Success in therapy relies heavily on the effort you make both in the time we spend. While achieving your identified goals is my primary focus, you may find that the process of therapy can lead to other unintended changes as well.